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Biolift Complex For Skin Active Ingredients:



responsible for skin hydration and elasticity.


hinders the aging process. Lipoic acid actively prevents one of the main causes of aging - glycation.

PALMITOIL TRIPEPTIDE-5 - starts the synthesis of collagen fibers, restores the walls of blood vessels, and capillaries help smooth wrinkles and scars

GLUTATHIONE (0.1%): Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant produced by the body. It plays a key role in neutralizing free radicals and preventing their formation, both enzymatically and non-enzymatically.

VITAMIN B COMPLEX (0.5%): participates in the construction of new cells and eliminates dryness and dull skin color, necessary to maintain muscle tone.


It belongs to the group of antioxidant enzymes. Protects the skin from constantly forming highly toxic oxygen radicals. Thus, it plays a crucial role in the antioxidant protection of cells in contact with oxygen.

Biolift Complex For Skin For the face, neck, décolleté, and back of the hands.

Zan Factor Biolift Complex For Skin Hydration and Elasticity