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Acne Removal Active Ingredients:


HYALURONIC ACID (0.3%): it is one of the main components of the connective tissue responsible for skin hydration and elasticity.

NIACINAMIDE (0.1%): reduces marks after spots and brightens the skin

AZELAIC ACID (0.5%): anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hypopigmented action. With a remarkable anti-comedogenic effect, it contrasts with free radicals and inflammation.

VITAMIN C (0.05%): antioxidant and regenerating, stimulates collagen synthesis, and brightens the skin.

Belongs to the group of antioxidant enzymes and Protects the skin from constantly forming highly toxic oxygen radicals. Thus, it plays a critical role in the antioxidant protection of cells.

Zan Factor Acne Removal Reduces Marks After Spots and Brightens The Skin