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Bergamot essential oil / Bergamot Essential Oil, 10 ml

Latin name: Citrus bergamia

Chemical composition: alpha - pinene, beta - pinene, alpha - thuyene, sabinene




Our organic, cold-pressed bergamot essential oil is sourced from the fresh, tart, green rind of orchards grown in orchards along Italy's south coast. 

Эфирное масло Бергамот ZAN FACTOR  свежее и бодрящее,  обладает охлаждающим, освежающим, сладким и сбалансированным сочетанием цитрусовых and green notes with a slight floral and bitter undertone.


Beneficial features

Bergamot is used to relieve anxiety, depression, nervous tension, cools the ardor and enlightens the mind, softens irritation and relieves feelings of depression and hopelessness.


Psycho-emotional action